Delusions of Grandeur

Playthrough of “Delusions of Grandeur”, a 4 week long school project, created with Unity

Team size:
1 designer, 1 programmer

Project length:
4 weeks

Contribution and role:
Gameplay-& general design, product owner, level design , concept design

Delusions of Grandeur is a split screen puzzle adventure created by me and a friend with the aim to learn the basics of Unity. The game is based on a loose narrative to make an open ended game where we could play around as much as possible in engine. As my team member in the project had a higher skill level in game development we tried to find as many individual development challenges as possible throughout the project.


The puzzle design of the game is based on cooperation between the players both by in game interaction and by discussing clues. First puzzle (pictures to the left) is based on one player pushing a button to let the other through a door to find a cube that weight enough to keep the button pressed.

Level Design

Take away! Learning outcome

In depth and Details!!!

Want to know more about the project? Contact me!

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