Fey Foray

Created with Unity, 2021

What is the game

  • A real time base defence game where you summon your troops in lanes, manage currency and collect resources.
  • We created the game with a great deal of inspiration from flash games and wanted to create a stressy, yet easy to understand experience.
  • The game consists of an introduction to the theme, a short tutorial and approximate five minutes of gameplay.
  • The core loop is fairly simple and consists of: summon units – fight enemies – expand territory – gather resources, and repeat.
  • The goal is to destroy the enemy base on the opposite side of the map.

My role

  • Scripting: Me and another designer in the team did all of the scripting for the game. One of the biggest challenges was to get outlines to work through a HDRP custom pass and I read up on and made a shader for it to work. I also had responsibility for the UX, sound manager, resource and level manager.
  • Gameplay and General Design:
  • Enemy AI: I designed the system for our enemy AI and a lot of work went into making the AI balanced. The core is based on three states and a set of responses to enemy actions.
  • UX:

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