Colossal Chaos

Created with Unity, 2019

What is the game

  • An arcade runner where the player input is done by manipulate a physical head, made from foam and a ‘very secret’ set of electronics.
  • The main goal of the game is to save the town by steering the giant out of it with least possible destruction.
  • On the way to the outskirts of town the giant will try to destroy as much as possible and the player will have to fight it’s pull towards it’s chosen targets.
  • If the player cannot hinder the path of destruction the game ends.

My role

  • Overall design: I was the only designer on the team and had responsibility for the design tasks, we tried our best to involve the whole team in all design choices.
  • Level design: The team was really fond of the idea of making a gamified version of version of Visby so my goal was to use landmarks from the town, yet still make an interesting level to play.
  • Concept and concept art: Initially the concept was brought up in a number of concept discussions and we adapted it to what the team wanted to create. During stressful times for our graphic designers I provided concept art for them to find an initial direction.
  • Product owner: As a product owner I worked closely with our project manager and our main goal was to keep the project within scope and keeping a common thread. A lot of time went in to preparing design discussions, presentations and over all keeping track of the project and planning.
At GGC show floor.
The front of the input.

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