Bad Hare Day

Created with Unreal, 2020

What is the game

  • A circular puzzle platformer with gravity based puzzles.
  • The experience is built around a simple skill chain where the player is introduced to the task – puzzle is solved – new puzzle is presented, and repeat.
  • Shifting gravity is done by static portals or by acquiring a skill.
  • The puzzle elements consists of: Movable boxes, static gravity swappers, gravity shift between player – object, movable and breakable platforms.
  • The goal is to reach the outer circle of the level and break free from ‘hell’.

My role

  • Gameplay design: During the pre- and early production the focus was to find a clear core loop, finding ways of how the puzzles would function and what was possible to do with the means we had to achieve our intended goal. I was invested in setting up clear design rules, design pillars, scale and measurements.
  • VFX: Mid-project we realized that we missed a lot of player feedback and I ended up doing VFX’s for the game.
  • Concept art: I made concept art for the project for the simple reason of be able to express design ideas and decisions more clear to the rest of the team. The concept was a combination of setting scale and showing scale, and acting as inspiration for the team.
  • Product owner: The product owner role in this project was fairly straight forward and most of the time was put to planning and keeping a common thread within the team.
Portal first draft & final version.
Gravity Swapper VFX
Core loop
The game world concept to end result.

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