Who am I and what is this site

My name is Alex Bergendorff Ramirez and I am a generalist Game Designer.

I was born in 1990 and grew up in the countryside outside of Västervik, a small coastal town in the south of Sweden.

In 2017 I started the journey in game design which has quickly become a passion of mine. Games, creative ventures and art have been essential in my life, it’s where I cultivate inspiration and joy, something I aim to make a career of and carry on to others

Since 2011 I have been living in Stockholm, with an exception of some years in Barcelona, Visby and Skövde, where I have studied and been working.

I am currently looking for new opportunities in the games industry, so if you have any opportunities requiring my skill set, get in touch!

In my free time I usually hang around with my dog Charlie, producing all kinds of stuff, tattooing, music, food, art, you name it.

…and of course there is some gaming going on!

On this website you’ll find my Resumé, Game design portfolio and of course how to Contact me.

Feel free to lurk around! : )

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